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Marianne's party was almost boring at that time.

XY: Hi.
XX: Hi.
XX: You with Amanda?
XY: No. I mean -- yes. I came with her. I mean -- we work together and she invited me. To her birthday.
XX: Yes, me too.
XY: You a friend of her?
XX: Yeah. We... went to school together. I'm the former-classmate-cool-to-still-hangout-with kind of person. I guess you are the workmate-kind-of-person-to-be-invited-to-the-party. D'you have a lighter?
XY: Yea. Here.
XX: Hum. Thanks.
XY: So, what do you do?
XX: I'm a prostitute.
XY: ---!?
XX: I'm kidding. Look at your face. It's just this cigarrete. I can't think of any profession more charming than this one, with this cigarrete.
XY: A nun, maybe?
XX: You think?
XY: With the cigarrete, maybe, yeah.
XX: Nun's a profession a bit unpopular nowadays.
XY: Yes. Gotta have what it takes.
XX: That goes for prostitutes, too.
XY: So you're the kind of person that conceals the profession.
XX: I'm the kind of person that jokes about it. Are you the kind that does not understand jokes?
XY: No, I'm the other kind. Are you telling me your profession?
XX: Are you paying?
XY: ---!...
XX: You should see your face.
XY: You should see *your* face.
XX: I bet I should. Well. I work as a PR.
XY: For whom?
XX: Hum. For a restaurant. You really want to get in details? I'm not the kind of person that listens to one's whole like in a birthday party. What do you do?
XY: Well. I'm a programmer.
XY: Yea, it can be exciting.
XY: I had a girlfriend and we together moved a satellite, once.
XX: Hum. Well. Not the programming kind of person, then.
XY: No. Guess is the other kind of programming person.
XX: Is there another kind?
XY: Well, it's a group under development.
XX: You still love her?
XY: Not really. And you? Ex-boyfriend, actual boyfriend, husband?
XX: Not really. My last relationship ended like a year ago. Lasted for two years.
XY: Haven't been with anyone since then? --I mean. No?
XX: Not really. I'm not the kind of person that hangs with someone else just for fun. I had my share. I'm the kind of person that really takes on what age offers.