Choose the tags in order to compose your novel

XX: I fell for a colleage for a while, but I got over it. Passion makes a mess out of everything. You lose your cash, you lose your schedules, you might lose your job. You definetely lose your identity.
XY: Hum. Yes. It seems you start a little like someone else, that's true. I also tend to keep things on tracks. Keep it rational.
XX: Do you tend to be rational?
XY: Hum. Emotionally rational.
XX: You do realize that we are doing what I just criticized? Trying to elect each other for a relationship.
XY: Don't people do it all the time.
XY: I can only speak for myself.
XX: And your opinion is...?
XY: I want to know someone to go to the supermarket with, to go to the beach, take a cool shower after that and have passionate sex. That too much?
XX: Hum. I want a good job but I don't work all the time.
XY: Gotta keep betting, though.
XX: We're getting a little CHATTY here, aren't we? You want to go to dance?
XY: Why not?