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They were serving beluga on that Thursday on the restaurant, but she wasn't late.

XX: Be welcome. I think I've seen you before, haven't I?
XY2: I'm not sure. I've been here before, but I can't recall.
XX: No, no. Not here... Maybe in another restaurant. I think so.
XY2: I'm always at the Brahman. The owner is my brother.
XX: Really? I think it was there. I've been on Marianne's party... the book release?
XY2: Of course. Marianne. Last semester. Terrific book ---I haven't read it yet, though, but don't tell her that.
XX: Hehe. I won't.
XX: Oh. They just warned me, your table is ready.
XY2: You should come to my brother's this Friday. He'll make a guisado. It's truly terrific.
XX: I guess I'll be at work...
XY2: C'mon... I have to introduce you to my brother. You're a spectacular hostess.